Market Setup for the 25th of May: Technical Levels to Watch

Technical View On Nifty

  • Nifty was under pressure from the opening session and failed to cross the initial high of 16262.80.
  • The only reason for the fall in index was India vix as it was 11% up.
  • Immediate support in nifty is at 16060-16080 and on the upper side, it needs to cross 16250 for further rally.
  • Major resistance level- 16400-16450.
  • Major Support level- 15750-15800.

Technical View on Bank Nifty

  • Bank Nifty closed in green by rising 43 points, which has made a high of 34600 but with the sell of giving up all the gains.
  • Immediate support in BN is at 34100-34150.
  • The immediate Resistance level is 34550-34600.
  • Major upside movement above 34750-34800.
  • Major downside below 33950-34000.

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